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Mar 5, 2021

We can FINALLY talk about it! The trailer for OOTP 22 is now live and it's time to dive deep into all sorts of great information about our upcoming game. Hooray! 

OOTP 22 is all about Franchise Mode Transformed - and we're joined this week by Franchise streaming guru (and Head of Community) T.J. Lauerman to go into the details on all the new Franchise features and improvements. We even drop some BREAKING NEWS on him and get an instant reaction. 

You can pre-order OOTP 22 TODAY to save 10% and get it 3 days early, before its March 26, 2021 worldwide release. Or! You can Wishlist it on Steam and grab that same 10% discount the first week of availability! 

OOTP 22 is changing the face of Franchise mode forever! Join us.