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Dec 26, 2020

We have one of the most prolific content creators in the OOTP universe join us this week for a talk about all things OOTP! DRC_Nomads stops by to discuss why he does what he does, the impact it has, and why it's so much fun.

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Dec 17, 2020

We are delighted to welcome the newest member of our OOTP Stream Team Ilana Davidi! Also known as kazamiyukarin on Discord and YukarinKazami on Twitch, Ilana is a prolific streamer and baseball fan who brings a lot of fun to the table as the new host of Out of the Park's Saturday night livestreams.

Out of the Park...

Dec 11, 2020

World Series hero Brett Phillips joins us to talk about "that" hit, his young career, and so much more. Our new favorite player!

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Dec 4, 2020

Jeff and Adam join Rich to unveil Franchise Hockey Manager 7! It's a deep dive into what looks to be a groundbreaking chapter of the FHM series, including the community-driven approach brought on by the significant amount of new people that played FHM in 2020.

You can pre-order Franchise Hockey Manager 7 and save 10%...